Sunday, March 23, 2008

QR 3: Backlash

You were justified in doing what you did, whether because it was right or you were told to do it, but now it's back, almost making you wish you hadn't done it in the first place.

Episode 3 - Backlash

Download (34:20, 47.2 MB, released 2008.02.15)

Quantum Retribution: Shifts in Time

Written by M. J. Cogburn, Katherine Freymuth and C. E. Krawiec

Featured in the cast were:

Steve Anderson as Thames
David Ault as Lothos and The Announcer
Jim Barbour as Dr. Peter Hugen
Mark Bruzee as Dr. Edward Grant and Xavier
M. J. Cogburn as Tala and Siren Lothoman
Erik Dreiling as Ron Conroy
Shane Harris as Trevor Conroy
John Lipsey as Benjamin Andrews
Seth Adam Sher as Quinton Sylvane
Mark Kalita as Vaughn Rickar
Mark Ribolla as Allen McAllister
Tom Davis as Production Announcer

Produced by M. J. Cogburn and C. E. Krawiec
Art by M. J. Cogburn

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