Wednesday, August 29, 2012

QR Ep 010 - Three Degrees of Intent Part 1

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Who said it was the best thing to follow them?

Episode 10 -- Three Degrees of Intent Part 1

Download (24:28, 33.6 MB mp3, released 2012.08.30)

Quantum Retribution: Getting To Know You - What A Pain Part 2

Written by M. J. Cogburn and C. E. Krawiec


Featured in the cast were:

David Ault as The Narrator
Rich Matheson as Xavier and Vaughn Rickar
Steve Anderson as Thames
Jean Hilde-Fulghum as Johanna Royden and Ina
June Swinford as Shannon Vanderbrice
Eleiece Krawiec as Olivia Robinson
Joel Nisbet as Desk Attendant Roberts
James Leeper as Jeff Charles
Chris stadther as Dr. Edward Grant
Darren Marlar as Allen McAllister
Tanja Milojevic as Nurse Josie Tanner
Shane Harris as Trevor Conroy
MJ Cogburn as Siren and Tala Lothoman
Seth Adam Sher as Dr. Peter Hugen and the Production Announcer.

Written and Produced by MJ Cogburn and CE Krawiec
Post Production by MJ Cogburn
Art by James Leeper
Executive Producer for Darker Projects is Mark Bruzee.

Theme music available for download at Other music composed and performed by Kai Hartwig and Kevin MacLeod.

This has been a Darker Projects Production.

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